DVI: (non HDCP enabled)?


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Can anyone help me with my query.

I bought a Toshiba 27WL46 LCD TV a year ago and i'm "hopefully" going to upgrade to SKYHD. Sky's site says i need a TV that displays the "HD Ready" Logo. Mine doesn't but some sites say it is, others mention nothing.

The Toshiba site lists the spec as:

27WL46 - Widescreen LCD TV

* 69cm screen
* LCD widescreen TV
* WXGA resolution
* DVI input (non HDCP enabled)
* Nicam

* DVI: (non HDCP enabled)
* RGB: 2
* SCART: 2
* Front/side AV input
* PC Input
* S - Video Input
* Rear audio out
* Headphone

Can anyone say wether this means my TV is HD Ready, if not can a buy anything to add to it to make it HD Ready?

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Its not HD ready on 2 counts and the chances of it being able to display even basic (ie non copy protected material) Sky HD programming is slim.

  • The digital input is not HDCP
  • It doesn't have a backup HD analogue connection in the form of component.

Now the DVI connection may accept HD video in, but as its not got HDCP you have got to assume that it is designed for PC use rather than video use. So even if non copy protected material (that would trigger HDCP) was being output over the Sky HDMI link, there is a very good chance that the TV would not beable to display it is it would not have the correct video resolutions and timings - ie 720p/50 and 1080i/50.


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Thanks Ianh64.

So by what you're saying, does that mean that a DVI-D to HDMI Male Adaptor (Gold) wont work?

Sorry, but i'm kinda dim when it comes to this type of thing :confused:


Phil (samsdad)

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