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Please could some kind member please tell me what type of DVI lead I need to purchase.

I am going from a PC to a Thomson 27" LCD screen. Any CPC part numbers would be very handy - thank you.


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OK, after further investigation I have a DVI-Digital (DVI-D) socket on the PC and a DVI-Integrated (DVI-I) on the TV.

I still don't know what lead I need, please help me.


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Try Maplins, that's where I got mine



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I bought a DVI-D Dual link cable M-M from Lindy, its works brill. Thank you for your help. Now I have a nice clear and sharp PC picture on the Thomson.


I assume you are running the TV from a PC? Can you confirm the resolution the TV runs @ when connected via DVI and the graphics card you are using?

Thanks, Alex


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Native resolution is 1024*768 upto 85Hz, you can send it a higher resolution picture and the TV scales the image down, but its not very clear. I can read the text (Windows text) at 10ft away.

I am using a ATI Radeon VE DDR card, I used to use the S-Video output but it's soooo much better using the DVI.

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