DVI input for PC gaming is it better than standard input?


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Hi this is my first thread here, a newbie in need of specific advice.

Gotta say great forum section, loads of useful information on all aspects of AV stuff. I have read loads of threads but gotta be cheeky and post a new one, mainly relating to the new Hitachi's and DVI inputs.

Im looking to spend around the £2.5K mark

I am particularly interested in connecting up my PC to play games and surf on a big screen, from my bed (lazy I know), but fun! Also has anyone played DVD's from their PC to their plasma??? Any comments on the quality? And then also eventually hook up SKY+ (cant do without 24)

Ive been looking at the Hitachi PD5000 range is its boasting of high resolution and DVI input - does this make a lot of difference on picture quality of PC input?

I was wondering if people with a Hitachi Plasma from this range could come forth and voice their views?

All replies much appreciated.


Can't comment on that unit but the far Cry demo looked awesome on a
29" Samsung LCD @ WXGA via the DVI port. When I had to go back to my CRT TV the game looked so dull it was untrue.

Far Cry and many new games have options for WXGA etc but games like Call of Duty don't. Still the stretching wansn't too apparent when playing at XGA on a Widescreen.

I'm probably going to get the 32" Samsung LCD now as it fitted in well overall with my use with an HTPC.

If you are going to get a Plasma and can afford a high res version I'd recommend it, just try one of the High Def windows media files from wmvhd.com!


I think the Hitachi is recognised as an XGA display, so scales the image to 1024x1024, slightly reducing the sometimes startling sharpness of DVI. It would still be the best PC connection though. There will be the same sideways stretching issue, again not that apparent except with text.

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