DVI in on the Hitachi 42PD5100

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by kheraha, Jul 6, 2004.

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    Please excuse the technical ignorance.

    I have the Hitachi 42PD5100 (5000 series with the video board) and am presently connecting my DVD player (CA Azur 540D) via component and using progressive scan. However, I am contemplating a purchase of the Pioneer DV-868AVi DVD player with its iLink and HDMI output (I have the Pioneer VSX AX5i and would like to use the iLink for DVD-A and SACD). Does anyone know if the DVI input on the plasma can be used - using a HDMI to DVI cable from the DVD player? Hitachi have proven pretty evasive on the issue - this is the reply I received from them today:

    "HDMI is exclusive to Pioneer. This system has not been tested with our
    Plasma range, therefore we can not give a definite answer to whether it
    will be compatible or not. I suggest taking the dvd player to one of our
    Plasma dealers to test the compatibility of the devices."

    Any ideas if this will work?


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