HI im having a problem finding a DVI-I - HDMI cable,does anyone know if there are stockists of this cable or will i have to get a HDMI-DVI Adaptor then a seperate hdmi cable to link my pc to my tv,im having trouble finding a HDMI-DVI-I Adaptor,there all DVI-D, do they make any DVI-I adaptors.also if my cards DVI-I can a DVI-D adaptor fit into my card or wont it work,my card is a Radeon X850xt.ive also seen a DVI-I to component cable on fleebay, would that give me the same PQ as a HDMI-DVI cable,but im in too minds because i want to conect my dvd player by component and i dont want to keep swapping the leads over.my tv is a SONY KDFE50A12U 50"" and my dvd is a SONY DVPNS76H,any help would be much apreciated.any links to will also help me alot,cheers:)


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just do a search on ebay, i just picked up a 5 meter DVI to HDMI cable for 9.99


hi ive bin searching and no one stocks DVI-I -HDMI Cables.will a DVI-D - HDMI cable work on a DVI-I graphics card.my cards got the four pins top and bottom of the center piece,thanks for the reply:thumbsup:

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Hello hulky

I nearly passed out trying to read your post in one go :)

DVI-I - a DVI-D Adapter will work with your Output socket; you don't require the extra pins to access the Analogue portion of the DVI-I socket as your not going to use them with an HDMI cable.

DVI to HDMI cables - there are probably half a dozen cable suppliers with Banner Adds on the AVForums who provide all manner of DVI to HDMI cables. Look at the top and bottom of this page.

DVI to HDMI cable - these are Bi-directional so you can use them DVI>HDMI or HDMI>DVI; keep in mind they generally only carry Video not Audio.

PC to Video - keep in mind you need to set your PC to one of the Video Resolutions the HDMI Input socket on your Display is happy with; see the Table of Accepted signals for the HDMI Input in the Displays User Manual; then work out if you can set the PC to that resolution and framerate.

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