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Well thats cleared that up then :p



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That's a great help. Thanks.

I thought this forum was setup as an information resource- if you have not got anything positive to contribute then just don't bother.
Chill mate :)

Apparently the Arcam DVI moded players are rated highly on this site. But I have never seen one in action. Do a search and loads will come up ;)

Have you thought of HDMI?


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Dvi players are few and far between and its a technology that about to be finished before it has started. The few dvd players that use dvi are either very £££ like the marantz 8400 or the denonA11 or rather cheap like the yamaswaca(or whatever it's called) and the samsung. (great picture but sacrafises have to be made)
My advise would be to give up on dvi unless you can afford the £1500 for the marantz denon.
But even then i would still wait and see what hdmi players are coming round the corner.(hdmi is compatabe with dvi.)

Hdmi players to look at, are the pioneer 868 and it's little brother 668 and the Arcam 79.
Both 868 and dv79 are about a £1000 and represent the best of whats available IMO for under a grand.
But just around the corner Toshiba, Panasonic and other makers are all Starting to create HDMi players that will retail for £300 up and should make the next leap more affordable.
Hope this helps
so a tv which can accept a DVI imput will be able to take a HDMI input, aswell?


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If your DVI input includes HDCP support then you'll be OK, if it doesn't you may have problems...


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As John says.
If your plasma accepts HDCP then you would be able to get a hdmi to dvi cable that will do the trick.
(HDCP is coding that is on most new disks. If your plasma is newish then it should be ok.) Check in the manual.


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Hi clancol,

HDCP is not on DVD disks, it is added by the player when outputting a digital picture as required by the DVD licensing "police". However not all player manufacturers play by the rules. ;)



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Sorry to hi-jack, but does the new Hitachi 32pd5200 have this HDCP stuff on its DVI input? I am looking to get this model but wanted to make sure its future proof and will go with the new Samsung HTDS all in one system which has HDMI.

Also will this give a better picture than Component progressive scan?


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