DVI-HDMI, 8500GT - Tosh 42WLT66

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I will be posting this in both the LCD and COMPUTER forums as hope I can grab some advice from both areas as envolves both my HTPC & my LCD.

Ok I have a Toshiba 42WLT66 and a new HTPC with a 8500GT (silent and it is the HDCP one). Now the two outputs I have are DVI and VGA. The Tosh's res is limited via VGA so DVI - HDMI is the obvious choice. This is something I know other people have done via a 8500GT and a 42WLT66.

Now the only problem, it just wont work! I know this should be fairly simple but I can not dispay via DVI-HDMI no signal being sent at all. I've done the obvious things, making sure the LCD is on first checking the connections ect ect.

I can view via VGA and it works fine. I've spent ages in Nividia Control panel, I've made sure to download the latest drivers, I've checked in the bios and I downloaded RiverTuner to see if there was something I could use in there to force the output via DVI. All unsuccessfull.

I've never claimed to know loads about computers but I have a decent grasp and still clueless. Short of it being a dudd cable I really am clueless.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Many thanks in advance.

Other tidbit of info, I am due to replace the 8500GT with an 8600GT anyway as they built it with the 8500GT in error.


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have you tried a dvi-vga dongle to make sure the dvi ports working ?

UglyChild uk

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Hadn't tried that as didn't have a dongle to hand.

My 8600GT just arrived so will install that today and try again. Funnily enough in the box comes a dvi-vga dongle!

Will post how i get on this afternnon.

UglyChild uk

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Well I installed the 8600GT and upgraded the cable just to be on the safe side and worked perfectlly first time.

So happy!

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