DVI experience...



Just to share my recent opportunity to test 2 DVI cables on my plasma...

Both 2m in length.

One, a no brand DVI (A$20), the other, Audioquest DVI (A$199).

The results... no visible differences on my 50" HD plasma that justifies the $180 difference in price.
but is the audioquest a nicer colour?
Tested on Finding Nemo... so can't tell on skin tones etc. Clarity is the same. But nicer looking cable and packaging ;)

I am using Denon 5900(A11) + Marantz VP12S2. I just upgraded from standard DVI cable (8 meters) to Tributaries ($250). The results were excellent(brightness, color, dimension). Especially details, very stunning. I am very satisfied.

Actually, at that time I was considering BetterCables vs Tributaries. Tributaries' supplier let me compare it with my standard cable but BetterCables did not.

The former DVI standard cable came with the installation of Marantz and the technician said that he had compared the cable with BetterCables and Acoustic Zen and found that no significant difference. But this is what he said. I did not witness that. Therefore, until now I still have doubt if Tributaries is better than BetterCables. Anybody has the answer ?


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