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I'm interested in buying a DVI out equiped dvd player.
The ones I've heard of are :
Samsung 935
Yamakawa 365
Denon A11

The yamakawa needs firmware updates (I'm already fed up with messing around with fw updates on my jamo)
The samsung has bad jitter on pal discs
The denon is way too expensive

(I am very fussy :))

Any one know of any other (cheapish) DVI players I could stick on my list (problems or not?)?

(PS I specifically want digital 750p output, not really 1080i)


The Yamakawa doesn't NEED firmware updates. The latest is very stable and offers all the DVI modes you need.

The 935 didn't have much descernable juddering on the two projectors I used it with. But I have plenty of other issues with this unit. Which I've posted many times.

The A11 is way too expensive.

Which leaves you the Pioneer 868. Still pretty expensive, but about half the price of the A11.

Personally I think the Yamakawa is excellent, and other than these these isn't much else to choose from for another few months.

Either that or use a PC!



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or you could try the just-announced Arcam DV79, which I read about this weekend in the AV Tech supplement of HiFi News mag -sounds like an awesom HDMI player but it's £1k.

There is also a Toshiba 5960 due any day now in the US for either $199 or $299 - see the thread on AVS. Hopefully that will make it here soon.



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Correction for you: The Arcam is called the DiVA97.

For others, you might want to have a browse at this thread I started.: DVI List I try to add to it when I become aware of players.

Or even this webage here

Players are still thin on the ground, but give it 6 months it should be a different story. However, as is pointed out in the thread, a DVI/HDMI socket is not all thats required for a good picture.

hope they help


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cheers guys, I'll keep a close eye on the thread but might hang on until a more mainstream company (philips, sony, pioneer, jvc, panny etc) come up with a budget dvi player. That way, I think I'll get better support than with the smaller companies (i've had enough of jamo for starters)

thanx again:hiya:

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