DVI does not support PC function - Samsung LE27 DVI with MacBook - Possible?


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I ordered a MacBook yesterday. I thought I would be clever and make use of the DVI port on my Samsung LE27T51B HDTV as a second monitor, and ordered a mini-DVI to DVI adapter alongside it. However, whilst looking for DVI cables, I checked the TV manual and found the following statement:

"DVI does not support PC function"

A quick google search reveals that some TVs do not support DVI-PC; they only support the mysterious sub-species "DVI-DTV". Is this true? How do I know if my TV does support PC mode and will there be any way to get DVI working from my new Mac?

I can still cancel the order for the adapter if I know what to do by tomorrow. I could use VGA...

Thanks for looking.

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