DVI-d (Single and Double Link problem)


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Hi guys,

1) My new desktop has a HDMI port and my hd monitor has a DVI-D SINGLE LINK port. I've read reviews of this cable on amazon (Premium HDMI to DVI Cable Gold 2 Metre: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories) and it seems to suggest this has a DVI-D Double Link. Double link has six extra needle things in the middle which my single link dvi port cant take, I think. If it helps I found comparison of these different types of dvi port in this pic:


I've looked around for cables with a dvi-d single link end and they all seem to be above £6! Would getting this and cutting the six extra contacts be fine? Would it work?

2) If I was to get this setup to work (dvi to hdmi cable), will I get sound out of the monitor speakers? What if I was to use a DVI/HDMI adaptor and then run an hdmi cable to my pc? Would I get sound out of that?

Please help

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