Can anyone tell me what the difference between a DVI-D and -A connection is? (other than the obvious fact that one is digital and the other analogue).

How do I know which I need? I want to connect my pc (from the DVI output on an GeForce 6800GT card) to the HDMI input on my lcd.



I thought DVI-D was digital and DVI-A was an integrated version of DVI-D and DVI-I (analogue)

I would go with DVI-D.


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DVI-D is digital
DVI-A is analogue
DVI-I integrates DVI-D and DVI-A

There is a physical difference in that analogue has 4 extra pins meaning a DVI-I or DVI-A plug cannot be inserted into a DVI-D socket.

The 6800GT probably has DVI-I but get DVI-D anyway.



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Just to add
If You look at the Plug where the Blade end is, the DVI has 4 little extra pins
which carry the analog signal


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Should have said
Those extra pins are around the flat little blade end of the Plug or socket


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You can get DVI-I (male) to DVI-D (female) / VGA splitters (female), fairly cheaply on ebay.

They can help on some LCD's which have a DVI-I socket, to save plugging, and unplugging the DVI socket, when you want to swap from VGA to DVI-D or DVI-Video.

They are designed to go on the back of Video Cards which have a DVI-I socket, such as my ATI9800se AIW, instead of a separate DVI and VGA socket.

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