DVI-D/I to DVI-A converter?


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Hi there, just wondering if there's anybody out there with some experience in this matter:

My friend and I have been looking desperately for a good quality external converter that can help the often poor analog output of most consumer PC videocards. We use high resolution CRT monitors for our work, the 1920x1200x85hz Sony FW900 24" CRT.

The most suitable item we have ran into is this:


it does DVI-D to DVI-I, however it only goes up to 1280x1024.

Sorry if I sound confusing. All I want to do is to avoid using the analog output of the average consumer grade videocards today and try to utilize the picture perfect digital/dvi output.

However since I'm using a CRT, it needs to be fed an analog signal. So in this case, I will need an external converter of a more professional approach to take the DVI signal from the PC and convert it into an analog signal.

As long as the digital to analog signal is converted outside of the computer case, and is able to sharply display a resolution of 1920x1200x85hz, I'll jump the gun and buy it (if it has bnc outs that's even better!).

Does such a product even exist?

Thank you in advance. Cheers!


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You need to use the analog out on the graphics card.
Get a decent quality, short component (BNC) cable. The quality at that resolution is lost in the cable. I happily ran at 1600x1200x85Hz through a decent component lead.

The DVI solution is a no go I believe. You can squeeze 1920x1200 down a DVI cable and even higher over a dual link DVI but the refresh rate is normally limited to 60Hz.

I'm sure you won't like a 60Hz refresh rate on a CRT.

Hope that helps

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