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DVI-D (Denon 3910) > DVI-I (DVDO HD+) > VGA (Panny PHD7

Eye in the sky

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DVI-D (Denon 3910) > DVI-I (DVDO HD+) > VGA (Panny PHD7)

Does anyone know what's going on?

I have a Denon DVD3910 that I am connecting its DVI-D output to the DVDO HD+'s DVI-I input. And connecting the HD+'s VGA output to the VGA input of the Panasonic PHD7.

When I play Star Wars 'The Empire Strikes Back' for example, I switch the 3910 to output DVI 576P into the HD+. What I get on the PHD7 is that it will show two seconds of film and then it turns to the blue screen although audio is ok.

As I read on the DVDO HD+ FAQ section, it says that the HD+ will output a HDCP signal only on its DVI output. The DVD I am playing is Copy Protected. Is this the same as HDCP??

Also, when I put in DVE (Digital Video Essentials), I get the same issue.

Am I missing something here? I want to get VGA output (HD+) from a DVI input (3910) via HD+ into the PHD7. Short of using a Panny DVI board, what's the best way to doing this?


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A copy protected source will trigger HDCP on the digital outputs. So, unless the DVDO is breaking the terms the the HDCP license, it will only output this signal on its digital outputs only, which will again be HDCP protected.

I do not think that you can do what you are looking to do unless the DVD player will output a non HDCP signal for a copy protected disc at SD resolutions.

I do however find it odd that DVE is doing the same. It is not CP which on my DVD player does not trigger HDCP so I could watch the HDMI output quite happily on a non HDCP display.


Eye in the sky

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ianh64, which DVD player are you referring to that does not do HDCP for non-CP DVDs like DVE?

Somewhere here mentions that the Denon 3910 inserts HDCP at its DVI output regardless whether the DVD is copy-righted or not. Is this true? Is there a firmware fix to disable this 'feature'?

I am still waiting for my Panny DVI board, think arriving in mid March. Do I need a DVI-D DL (Double Link) cable or a SL (Single Link) cable from the HD+ to the DVI board?

Mark Antony

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I wrote it on avs forum. It is true and there is no firmware fix to get around it as software providers were paranoid about digital piracy, so the only way they would allow a legal digital video output would be if it was copy protected.

You can of course get an sdi output modification on this player - if your processing box can also be sdi-modded, which gives you an un-encrypted illegal digital video output - but whether you processing box can send this signal through vga is a question for the moding company, of which I have no details.


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