DVI-D and VGA with Philips 9986?



At work we have some DVI-VGA splitter cables that came with Dell SX-280 systems.
Those have a DVI-I connector. One can connect a DVI-D screen directly (that is why the cables are left over) or two screens, one DVI-D and the other VGA, via the splitter cable.

How about connecting this cable to the 9986 and be able to connect a DVI/HDMI and a VGA/Component device at the same time?
When only one device is active, could this work?

When looking at cable pinouts, it is clear that the RGB signals are on a separate area of the connector, which also has a horizontal sync signal. As this area is not present on a DVI-D connector, I presume it is private to the VGA usage.
According to the 9986 schematic the v-sync is from pin 8 on the "digital" area of the connector, and on a DVI-D pinout table I found this pin labeled "no connection".

So would it be safe to assume that the connections for analog and digital are completely separate and it does not hurt to connect both devices at the same time? (of course using only one at a time)
In that case I could plugin such a splitter cable and connect a HDMI device and my VGA PC at the same time.


I asked Keene this question and they said yes, that the analogue and digital signals had completely seperate wires and connections.

So it might work yes, and if it does please do let us know, as I too will probably want both PC and DVI-D going into my LCD

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