DVI > Component prog scan?


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Currently got my 42 Plasma > DVDR connected by RGB scart

TV has DVI-I (Digital/Analogue) socket

DVDR has component output and supports progressive scan output

Lead supplied with TV is:

DVI <---> 3 RCA (component?)

1/ Is this DVI lead intended to connect to component, or have I got this completely AAWR?

2/ Something I can't get my head around. I know DVI doesn't support sound, but whether I leave the scart in or connect with phono leads - If I can only select the video source (AV-1, Av2, DVI) then how does it know where to get the sound from?

3/ Will all this fuss and palava be reflected in an improved picture quality, or should I leave it Auto switching RGB +Cinema link?

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