DVI Cables

Could anyone explain DVI in a concise newbie fashion?

I'm a bit confused about the differences of the various connectors/cables, and I'm keen to try a link between HTPC (with Radeon 7500) and a Panasonic AE300 and a Toshiba MT8.

Can anyone tell me what cables I need, and where might be the best place to get them?


Ian Guinan


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What size cable do you need?

This sounds like a stupid answer, but it depends on how long the cables can be and what form they take (how thick/what colour etc).

Thinking around 10m if that is feasible...light and neutral in colour if possible.

What worries me is;
- what is the difference between DVI-D and DVI-I?
- I've read the Infocus has a different sort of DVI compatible connector (M1-D)..where do you buy an adaptor?

Do you have a supplier in mind (or just a spare one kicking around!)

Ian Guinan


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I have a 5M dual link DVI-I cable that I don't need anymore, it worked fine as a digital link between a radeon and a projector with DVI. PM me if you are interested.

Thanks Jeff..that could get me started..I'll PM you my email address.

I found this supplier who gives quite a good description of the connector types;

Kayye Consulting

Hope this helps someone.


Ian Guinan

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