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My golly gosh, i must have been through every web site selling DVI-cables and not managed to find one the lenght i want yet... ive tried manufactures and they just dont wanna know... but basically im after a DVI-cable to usb which is 80 metres long!

i know it seem a long way to run a cable but its going underground n so i need one from a supplier i can trust... and a cable that i can trust. ive used Computer & AV Cables & Connections from LINDY UK in the past for alot of my home cinema stuff, but this one is for a commercial puropse... im thinking of getting one with gold ends, but not sure its worth the extra money...

opinions on a post card... heres the dvi-cables page im looking at... they worth it or can i get em cheaper? any one bought from lindy.co.uk before? the site seem trustworthy....

does any one know a way of sending the signal wirelessly? or am i just dreaming here?

thanks for your help AVheads!!!!!! any opinions would be appriciate...:hiya:




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I think you may need to check through your post again, do you really mean DVI->USB or DVI->HDMI ?

Also if you really do mean 80 meters then you really need to be considering Cat5e solutions not a normal HDMI cable.


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hmmmm. yea thanks mate... should have proof read it after like... yes i do mean to HDMI its for linking the blueray to the pc....

yea i mean 8o metres.... need it to cross over the house to the pool room at the bottom of the garden... thinking it would be cheaper for a cable then a new player but look like i might have to just get another player...

thanks tho man... good eyes!!!!!!!!:lesson:


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right right right... im getting the hang of this now... so basically im wanting to stretch the cable over too long a distance...

so i might need to look at repeaters or this cat 5 thing is fibre optic... hmmmm i see a plan coming together...

nice work AV heads!!!!

BiG lOVe :clap:

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Hello dietcola

Your definitely Dreaming :)

Fibre Optic encased in a suitable conduit is going to be your best option - Ethernet is also an option though Fibre is best if your running high resolution signals to a large Display or Projector.

See RT COM USA - Product Catalog and RT COM USA - Product Catalog



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Joe... i thought i might have been...:boring: lol... but yea im liking the fact that it might be possible to run this over 80metres... im getting the idea that cos its such a long way, to send a high quality signal over such a distance, im going to loose quality, so the fibre solution is going to be the way forward right!!!

it is for a projector actually, im converting the pool house in to a kind of deb for the wifes kids to live n i dont want them to have controll over the sky hd box (nor do i wanna buy another subscription for em) but yes it is for a projector so im guessing ill need one of these booster things for that too...

thanks for the links joe! your a star!

a picture is slowly coming together!!! (no pun intended):clap:

Peace out


Joe Fernand

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Hello dietcole

Just don't tell the wife you've been dreaming about AV systems - or locking her up in the pool house :D

HDMI over Ethernet is a lot less costly then HDMI over Fibre and while Fibre is the preferred option for critical viewing on a large projection screen I'd suggest that HDMI over Ethernet will be more than sufficient for what you have in mind.

See The Media Factory


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