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Oct 31, 2000
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Herne Bay, Kent
Ok last week I asked if anyone new where to get a 10m DVI cable for conecting my Radeon graphics card to a PJ like the new Sony one coming out the end of OCT/NOV. I have found one on the VDC site that describes it as a

"parrallel digital video cable with 25 way D sub connectors wired male to male using low capacitance parallel digital video cable."

Can anyone verify if it is what I need please??
I think a DVI-I connector has 28 pins. However some of these are exclusively for analogue and some are exclusively for digital. If your cable is only going to be carrying a DVI digital signal then four (I think) of these pins will be unused and missing from the plugs at each end. 25 doesn't seem quite right but the rest of the description does.

Also, I wouldn't hold out much hope of a 10metre cable working. I bought my 3m cable (they also do 5m cables) here: www.pc500.net

Length is basically proportional to bandwidth of the video signal. High res stuff, shorter leads, lower res stuff, longer leads. I have known of 20m DVI digital cables with SVGA / XGA. Suck it and see jobbie.

Can you recommend me a really good S-Video cable, 3metres, worst case £50. I'm starting to go off HCPC.


Do you think its worth a gamble on this cable for a WXGA pj, quality of Van Dam stuff seems pretty good/good enough and @ £70 it seems worth a go, what i am trying to do is future proof my installation as much as possible while I have floors up, even though I dont have a requirement for it today.

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