DVI Cable Problem?


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Feb 9, 2002
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My new projector (AsK M5) isn't (new that is). When connecting to my HTPC via DVI I get loads of speckly lines and interference. Is this a projector problem? I am connecting with a lindy 5m cable, but have not been able to test this elsewhere. VGA works fine (and looks nice), but would like to use DVI jsut cos.
Any ideas?

I had a similar problem with my setup. It turned out to be the DVI cable which was too long - 10m. When I used a 7.5m cable the problem disappeared.

The fact that your cable is only 5m long shouldn't - in theory - cause this problem. If you're using an ATI card there are a couple of settings in the newer Catalyst drivers which allow you to try alternative DVI timings, it's in the advanced settings somewhere.

Give them a try, if that doesn't work i would try a different cable rather than try the cable elsewhere. I got caught out, when I used my old 10m cable with a friends machine it worked perfectly, so I ruled that out as being the cause when in fact it was the cause all along.
Thanks for your reply. Now that I come to think of it I bought this cable with an HTPC from Petrolhead and he must have been using it ok. Weird how these things change for different setups.
Good idea about the catalyst settings, had forgotten that. Will download the latest ones I think.


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