DVI Cable Issue - No Signal to the monitor.


Hi and thanks for looking into my query.


Samsung SyncMaster 940MW
PC having nVidia GeForce 7300LE
DVI Monitor Cable [DVI-D Male - DVI-D Male dual-link]

When I connect my monitor to the PC via this DVI cable I do not get any signal but when I connect with the supplied monitor cable, I can view stuff on the monitor.

I was wondering what's going on.

Tried calling Samsung but 2 different I.T Engineers gave 2 different opinion.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Chris Muriel

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Maybe the cable that actually works is DVI-I and the monitor is thus working with analogue RGBHV (which is just duplicating standard VGA connections).

Chris Muriel, Manchester


Hopefully I won't be stating the b. obvious but I presume you switched the monitor input to DVI...

I have a Samsung SyncMaster 172W which was supplied with a standard VGA lead, in addition to a DVI-D cable I picked up separately. It will happily connect via analogue or digital but it has to be switched manually via a front panel button.

Is there a specific reason you are using a dual-link DVI cable as opposed to a bog-standard DVI-D cable?

Dex :thumbsup:


I've just bought a DVI cable (had the TV for a few months), and I also get no signal through DVI from my PC.

Looking on the internet, it seems 940MWs of a certain age had firmware problems that messed up DVI inputs for some reason. Can I take it back to Argos and get a new one? I bought it in September, so less than a year old...


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What type of cable are you using?

Is it DVI-I or DVI-D??

I had the same problem when hooking up my tv to my pc and i used a DVI-D cable but could get no signal.

I then brought a DVI-I cable and it worked so it might be that it wont accept the signal from the cable


It's a DVI-D cable - but now I've bought a new graphics card, and it works now, so it must've been my old DVI slot that didn't like DVI-D for some reason (didn't know graphics cards would have problems with any kind of DVI cable!)

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