DVE question Panasonic PX60 calibration.


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Got a couple of questions, i hope someone can help.

Blacker than black test, i think i have set this up right so that the brightness is setup correctly. Just reduced the level of brightness until the far left and right bars disappeared into the background, and then did one further press.

Contrast, am i correct that you cannot get the PX60 to bloom? I just set the levels to about 60%. Anymore and the image doesn't look real enough

Colour, setup using the blue filter, checking with the Red and Green filters - i can either get the Red matching or the Green, i can't get both matching. Tried Warm settings too, no luck. Does this mean my greyscale is out and the set can't do 6500k?

Sharpness, can see the effect of too much sharpness. In fact i use the Sky Plus menu as that clearly shows the artifacting of too much sharpness. Currently i have set at the first setting.



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contrast :

Use the grey steps and ramp pattern on DVE. It has a dotted vertical line to indicate 235 in the whites and 16 in the blacks , adjust contrast so you have variation beyond this point rather than everything being clipped to white, you only need a little variation don't worry so much about it being all the way to the end of the ramp.

Colour & Hue:

Ignore all the filters apart from the blue one. Red and green filters are not as physically accurate as the blue for a start. You only need to worry about them if you are going to adjust the decoder and if you do that you'll be turning off the individual colour channels in the service menu anyway and won't need them.

Colour temperature , Warm is usually the closest to D.65 but it probably won't track that well ( in my experience its not that bad on the pannies generally). if you want it more accurate than factory then you'll have to think about getting a pro around or investing in some sort of colour analyser tool yourself ( there are poor man's options around but you need to know roughly what you are doing...not rocket science but you have to understand the process). Try a spyder sensor and the calman software orone of the various spreadhseets doing the rounds ,but again you need have some understanding of what you are up to even if you go this route

Sharpness ...set it by eye to what you are happiest with . There are patterns that will help but its really a personal preference , I personally think standard defintion video needs a bit of sharpening anyway.

And remember to ping pong back and forward between adjusting the brightness and contrast as they may effect each other , similarly but less so with colour and hue/tint. The pannies are actually quite stable in this regard.


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Thanks, for the post..yes i noticed the ramp pattern but the DVE disk doesn't really explain itself that well during this test.

Re colour:
I'm pretty happy with the current colour settings on my plasma Normal as they seem realistic enough for me without over favouring red or green, even the whites seem white too!

Agree about sharpness, i like it up just the one notch might not be totally accurate but it looks better :)

Overall the picture is still staggering, much better than i even imaged it would be.
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