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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Bearded_Malc, Mar 4, 2005.

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    Just got my DVE disk (I'll get my plasma later, room not ready yet :( ) and I was getting to grips with it. There are a few issues.

    1. No gamma adjustment. Paint shop pro has a good way of doing this IMO. It displays 50% red green and blue, and 100% red green and blue dithered to 50%. You adjust gamma until the two look the same intensity. (So I guess I'll connect my PC).

    2. No set white balance, set mid range balance or set black level balance. I guess you could use the % grey boxes for that. It would have been useful to provide a grey test card or one of those photograph test cards for comparisons. Especially for checking the white balance. Of course you would need to view under daylight or a daylight temperature bulb but that is not difficult.

    Are these there, that is have I missed something on disk? Is the AVIA better?

    I have some freeware for setting my monitor but other than brightness and contrast it mostly doesn't apply to plasmas. I wonder if there is any other useful software on the net specifically for Plasma/TVs. Anyone know?

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