DVE/Avia or Vanilla?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by andi, Jul 15, 2004.

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    This is probably a loaded question in this forum, but given the fact that many members have been unhappy with several sets of theirs, I began to wonder.

    I am just about to join the league of good TVs after working for a year living with my 14" student Sony TV. I bought a Loewe Nemos 32 like David if you are interested.

    My questions is that should I buy a calibration DVD, discover faults with my TV, get annoyed, get a replacement, get a refund, go through several TVs and never be happy but with the possibility of slightly improving the PQ


    not buy a calibration DVD, live in blissful ignorance, never learn about moire or shimmering, but always knowing that there might be more to squeeze out of my television?
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    If your tv does have any problems bad enough to make watching it unenjoyable, then you will notice them on normal programme material, it won't take test signals to make them noticeable.

    Dirty screen, wonky geometry, moire, smearing etc. will all be apparent on normal day to day viewing. If you haven't noticed them in normal viewing conditions, then either your tv doesn't suffer from them (lucky you :D ) or you find them not intrusive enough to annoy you.

    If test patterns do reveal any nasties you previously weren't aware of, then they would only be minor as anything major would be painfully apparent long before Video Essentials or AVIA entered your dvd player, as I'm sure many users of this forum could confirm from bitter experience. :suicide:

    I would say buying either disk is worthwhile, because they can only make a good system better, they can't make a bad system worse.

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