DVE 506XDE - do you see judder?



I just installed a 506XDE this Saturday gone and I am besotted with it. Yesterday I put on the latest DVE dvd and I thought I might have witnessed "judder" :rolleyes: . Can anyone confirm this was so?

Basically it happens right at the beginning when there is a computer generated rollercoaster leading up to the JKP production logo. As the car goes around the track, the picture bounces and seems like judder but no tearing.

Please tell me that this is part of the animation recreating the juddering effect of the car and not caused by the plasma. :lease:



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no juddering on the pv500 is thats of any help


Judder i've looked for it, cant see it.

Those in the know say its unavoidable.

Cant see any image retention either although there is on my 37PV500 but not on my PHD8.

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When they say judder, do they mean a constant judder? I mean, how often does this judder occur?


westwing2505 said:
Please tell me that this is part of the animation recreating the juddering effect of the car and not caused by the plasma. :lease:
Don't worry, this is a part of the animation. If you don't have judder here you sure have a hell of a TV:D. I've tried it on my PC and another DVD player on my CRT with same result. The judder is in the clip not the 506 :thumbsup:.
Had my 506XDE for a week now, and I'm absolutely blown away by the picture this plasma produce. Also it feels like it getting better and better day by day. I have a Pio 868(HDMI), Xbox(HD Pack with component), and a Dreambox digital sat. tuner (scart RGB) connected to it.
It's brilliant with these components connected to it and I can't fault it.
I think the judder issue is exaggerated big, big way.
I don't see it and if it's there I'm not going to look for it.
Putting on a quality DVD on this babe, the judder is the last thing you ever think of while watching it. It's absolutely superb.
I'm not the type that goes through my entire DVD collection concentrating every second if I can see judder on some milliseconds of some of them, and then miss all the things you really should concentrate on.
Saw Kingdom of Heaven last night, and it had panning scenes in it that would have produced some mighty judder if it was there. I saw none of it.
Just enjoyed the quality scenes in the movie and the superb PQ of the 506XDE.
That's what it's about isn't it :thumbsup:?


It certainly was.

I think there is too much strive for perfection and not enough watching the movie.

I find myself constantly commenting on how good the pq is and forgetting what i'm watching :)

A little knowledge IS dangerous................


Thanks guys.

I blame the avsforum for making me paranoid. Touch wood i don't have a single problem the 506XDE. It's just so beautiful. PQ is unparalleled and I agree with munin that the PQ gets better everyday.

The whole judder thing was not me looking for trouble but noticing how small things like the bouncing rollercoaster becomes noticable. I was watching it over and over again so much that I felt sick!

Anyway, it appears this bouncing effect is part of the film. The bounce effect is also much more noticable in the Matrix Reloaded (where morpheus fights the agent on top of the truck). Having got paranoid, i rewatched the scene on my computer and the bounce if the scene is actually part of the film. I just never noticed these things before. Another thing i just noticed was the just how greeny matrix is!!!!

Anyway... thanks for putting me at rest.


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I spent an hour in Comet last night, trying to make my mind up between the 436XDE and 42pv500... luckily comet has the SKY HD Demo (PC Feed over HDMI) to about 20 plasma sets.. so a good chance to compare HD side by side..

I was especially looking for Judder on the Pioneer, and from the HD feed, I could see some.. so I started looking at the same scenes on the PV500, and sure enough, the Judder was also there!!! must be the damn PC causing that!!!

It was interesting to see the difference in processing between the 2 sets.. the PV500 definitely loses some detail on fast moving scenes, and the contouring was slightly more evident, although this was in the feed, the Pioneer smoothed it better..

What really surprised me was the PV500 could indeed be set to a lower black level, but only at the expense of black level detail.. the Pioneer does pull in more detail in this respect, but when you have a normal picture, you would swear the Pioneer had more constrast, and a lower black level, it just has more 'pop'. This may be due to the more anti-reflective screen..

Incredibly the missus thought the Pioneer presented a crisper. cleaner image.. and she's a woman ;)

I am sure some judder in some form is there somewhere, if the experts say so, but on a 720P/50Hz Formula 1 demo, which has plenty of fast action, it wasn't noticeable..

The PV500 does have some excellent processing at times, it is a fraction smoother, but I think this is all processing, as I noticed it loosing detail on fast pans, where the others may have had fractional judder, but cleaner details..

Needless to say on a crap SD shop feed, they are both typical digital display.. just about acceptable, but not close to my current 51" RPTV..

I'm ordering a 436 today.. but I wouldn't be disappointed with either.. both stood out as being a step above everything else..


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I had judder on my SANYO Z1 projector using the VGA input. Here's a fail proof test with a DVD everyone's probably got...

On Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the ring. When Gandalf arrives in the shire. He walks up to Bilbo's front door and the camera pans around the shire. With VGA input there was major judder when it panned around the shire. It's very visible as the panning is slow and lasts a while.

Interestingly enough the problem only occurs on the Z1 when using VGA input. Change to component and it's fine...wonder if this could be a similar problem.

I'll definitely be taking this disc when demoing the 506xde :)


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Jus, let us know how your demo of the 506XDE went. Also, is this on the R1 of LOTR:Fellowship or R2? Does it make a difference?

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