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Hi to all please give me your advice i have the following gears : Yamaha DSP-Z9, Pioneer 868avi, XBOX, Gamecube, PS2 and for monitor i ordered the new plasma from Philips 42PF9966.
The plasma has 3 scarts 2 of them are RGB no component inputs and a DVI-I interface that Philips claims to be HDMI compatible the panel is 1024 x 1024 and thru DVI-I can accept resolutions from 480p up to 1080i EXEPT 720p.
Question 1. I am planning to connect XBOX, PS2 and Gamecude to the Yamaha DSP-Z9 all thru components and then take the monitor out of the receiver and connect it to the ISCAN again thru components. CAN THE ISCAN GIVE ME THRU IT'S DVI OUTPUT 1024 x1024 RESOLUTION IF I CONNECT IT TO THE DVI-I OF THE PLASMA?
Question 2. I will also connect the Pioneer 868 with the right cable HDMI - DVI to the ISCAN. CAN THE ISCAN AGAIN GIVE ME THRU IT'S DVI OUTPUT 1024 x 1024 IF I CONNECT IT TO THE DVI-I OF THE PLASMA ?
Thank you all in advance hope to hear from you.

Joe Fernand

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Just tie all the cables in a big knot and plug one end into the display - what a nightmare :)

How did you end up choosing a Display that cant display a 720P signal - seems mad; what were Philips up to?

Need to get the etch-a-sketch out to work out how you would wire your kit together.

A couple of pointers to start with:

RGB sources - I don't believe there is support for RGB on your AV Receiver so you may be better connecting these (daisy chained) to the iScan UltraHD which does support RGB inputs.

iScan UltraHD - not convinced this is the best Video Processor for you; good as it is its designed to process Analogue Video inputs and cant process HDCP encoded Digital Video signals so not a good match with your DVD player.

DV-868AVi - see above; you'll either need to send Interlaced Analogue YUV to the Video processor or if your keen to use the HDMI output of the DVD and retain the UltraHD to process and scale your other Analogue signals you could add in an HDMI switcher to enable both the DVD and UltraHD to connect to your Display digitally.

iScan UltraHD - outputs at resolutions up to 1080i.

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Just tie all the cables in a big knot and plug one end into the display - what a nightmare
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Joe- whoch scaler would you recommend with a sky+, pioneer 868 going to a pioneer 504 hde, so that I could use the HDMI connection on the dvd. Would i be better of getting a iscan ultraHD and getting a better DVD player and use component?
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