Mr Cheese

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Am I going mad or are DVDSoon no longer shipping to the UK? They state that if your country isn't in the drop-down box, they don't ship to the country.:confused:

I ask because I CANNOT find UK/United Kingdom/Great Britain/Britain/England or any other derivative!!!

Dave H

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I received a DVD from them yesterday so they must still be delivering.


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Maybe a result of the recent action by the BPI against DVDSoon and CD-WOW? Maybe Soon are'nt prepared to trim their costs in order to give the BPI their unwarranted pound of flesh. :mad:


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are you a a first time buyer?
because i've just checked on the site and had no problems ordering.
but i have been ordering from them for some time now.
and i've received many discs these last few weeks and currently have 2 packaging.
so can't see them having stopped shipping to uk.


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Originally posted by miniman
Can't have anything to do with the bpi as they don't sell cd's.
My mistake .. I think it may have been Play who got sued along with CD-Wow.


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Yea must have been a glitch - I have about ten DVDs on order with them at the mo...


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i believe you mate.
i took a look after i posted and noticed when trying to register that the uk was not present in any form.
glad you can register now.
good company to order from on the whole.

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