DVDslimited 3 for £20


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dunno what happened but the site has went very weird - all the titles in the 3 for £20 have changed.


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and now their back :confused:

the list of films ended midway through the 'b's

and now their back



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That's a lot of R1 discs to choose from, my fingers were tired by the time I got to 'B' ;)

What are they like to deal with and where are they based?


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ive no idea m8

i had like 9 films in my basket ready to order from the 3for £20 offer but ive decided to email them with a few queries first of all.

some good titles but there must be bloody thousands !


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I notice they are on the list of recommended suppliers in DVD talk.

But not a lot of info on the site re delivery etc.

Anyone else had good dealings with them?

I take it you haven't ordered from them before Lazarus?

BTW did you ever try to order off buyritedvd again or did you give it up as a dodgy supplier?


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Good company based in kings langely,although you have too add £1 per film ordered.Very quick with new releases.
Ordered three for 20 last week and received three days later:D


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(ive given up on buyritedvd - am gutted as their prices were really really good).

aye, you have to add a postage charge to your dvd's from them. i reckon 3 quid is like a 'set amount' as the 9 dvds i had at the checkout stage also incurred a delivery charge of £3.

they have tons of music dvd's that cost at least twice as much on other sites

some really good region 1 only titles as well

as i said - ive emailed them with a few queries before i buy


They are just down the road from me, I buy all my new releases from them well before the release dates, they also have a shop in Kings Langley where you can buy R1 over the counter, very good retailer

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