DVD's off PC using 436XDE


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Get my 436XDE tommorow. I want to connect my PC up and play DVD's stored on my hard drive using PowerDVD.

What is best way to connect PC to TV. VGA cable or DVI to HDMI cable or other? Do these carry sound?

How do I achieve the correct resolution. I have read my PC wont auto dectect the TV. Do I just simply fiddle with screen sizes till it looks ok? I have heard about a program called showshifter that can set specific resolutions. Would I require this?

I intend to get a Denon 3806 and B&W MT-30 fairly soon. How would I connect the sound from the PC to it. I have an Audigy 2 ZS.

What kinda quality would the DVD's be using my PC compared to various DVD palyers eg Denon 3910. i.e what would be the equivalent. Does it depend on the power of the PC or the software used etc?

Cheers in advance.


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Only from what I've read in this forum - you are better to use the PC over the RGB/15 pin connector so that you can display in resolutions other than 720p / 1080i.

In addition you can use TheatreTek I believe to adjust the resolution indenpdent of the PC resolution.

You may want to do some digging in these forums around these topics. Hope this helps.

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