Dvds just take up to much room..........!



I am fast running out of room for my dvds the cases take up so much room,
Does any body know a good product to store disk and picture sleeve s flat together in some kind of book or something cant find anywhere that sells.....!

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I'm running into the same problem!

Had a quick look and although there are a number of products that would do the job, I can't see any that will hold the disc and sleeve in the same "unit". There's a 100 disc selector that comes with a free sleeve holder, but they are two units.


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i had this problem so bought a big old 1000 disc flight case. each slip is double sided and you can label them for films.
i have two now - one for films and one for music, trouble is the music one is hardly used as slowly im ripping all my music at 320kps onto my pc for use with my ipod (why are we so reliant on ipods these days?)
i guess it depends on how many films you have that will dictate how much storage you need though


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check out QVCs web site same make but a different model (Stackable) and a little cheaper £32.48 + P & P £5.45 item no 430243

Ive looked at them a few times but Id need 10 for the DVDs and I keep thinking how many DVDs could I get for the price of the storage units LOL just makes the problem worse.

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