DVD's\Freeze for a second and continue playing??


Zipper Yamamoto

Apologies if this has been answered on another thread but I sometimes strugle to find things in the forums.
I have a Budget Hitachi Home Ditigital entertainment system and when I play DVD's on some of them the image freezes for a second or two and continues. Some play normally, some freeze only once and some like "Sympathy for Mr Vengeance" has frozen and continued about a dozen plus times.
This is bugging me.....is it a setting on my cheapo system...or like on a PC a lack of memory Ram, or even the modern DVD formats? Any ideas?

Most grateful for a reply, I will eventually buy a better system once I have some cash to spare. :)

Thanks for help and advice :lease:



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on cheaper players u find they often freeze for a split second when the layer changes on a dual layer disc....but to keep freezing? that sounds like a faulty player as far as im concerned....

i mebbe wrong.....but i've had a cheapo DVD player and it didnt keep freezing every so often...


Just a thought...check the DVD's themselves dont have any finger prints etc on them as dirty or scratched DVD's can cause probs of course


Other than the layer change I can almost guarantee this will be finger prints on the disc!
My mum always used to call me as "the DVD isn't working properly" only to take the disc out and find it covered in prints.
"How am I supoosed to hold it then" was the question I always got asked.

Zipper Yamamoto

Thanks for the replies Guys :)

All my DVD's are original, scratch and fingerprint free, as many of them It was the first time I viewed them.
I'm pretty confident the freeze doesn't happen in chapter changes those tend to happen in "natural" scene changes in the film.
I notice the "freezes" mainly in "Action" or movement scenes.
You are right usually I only notice one or two Freezes in most movies ........ but "Mr Vengeance" easilly had a dozen+ Freezes...
I guess the Hitachi strugless with "Dual Layer", so I'll watch out for that when I buy the next machine.........I can always hand this one down to my Kids :)
One further question:
Can I take it that any decent model DVD player or Home entertainment system will NOT have a "freeze" when processing dual layer? or is there something "Technology" wise I should look for when considering the next model?

Thanks again for replies, much appreciated :thumbsup:


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