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I want to record a program on a DVD+RW disk on my Sony GX-300. When its done will I be able to play it on another DVD player? Or its it like CDRW where you canonly play them on PCs as the don't get finalised.




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AFAIK it just depends on the specifications of the player, some will and some wont check the manual if you have it.



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Sorry Rob,

Meant the manual of the Player as they usually list what media they are compatible with. I dont think it matters what the +RW were created on.


Paul MC007

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Hi there

I have a GX300 and with regard to your original question, if recording onto a +RW disc, this is automatically "finalised" when taken out of the GX300. As to whether it will play on another DVD player.... well, as Wackojacko says it really does depend on the dvd player.

For example, I have an old Alba player upstairs connected to a portable. On my old Philips DVDR70 which I would record on +RW, this Alba would not recognise most +RW discs (due to the fact that they tend to be more reflective apparently and some players cannot read discs which are too reflective).. However, since having the Sony GX300, every +RW disc I have recorded, plays fine in my old Alba...

So, the most probable answer to you, is yes, most discs you record on the GX300 *should* play on other dvd players (but cannot be guaranteed) ..

If you want to make discs that will definately play on other DVD players best to use -R discs which have a far greater compatibility...Only downside to this, is of course, -R are (like +R) record once only discs....

Hope this helps


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