DVDR 890 improves TV reception!

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by michaelab, Sep 24, 2002.

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    Got my DVDR 890 today and I have to say it's AWESOME! I noticed an interesting detail which I can't quite explain though:

    I have cable TV of the type which doesn't require a set top box - you just tune all the channels in on the TV (or DVDR). I mention this because even though this is the most common form of cable TV it's non-existent in the UK where all cable TV requires a set top box (even analogue cable).

    Now, the picture on my TV when tuned into a cable TV channel is not great, quite noisy and on one or two channels all I can get is a B&W picture! I've tried playing with the fine tuning on the TV but to no avail. So I get my 890 all configured up and tuned in to my 50 channels (takes a while!) and, amazingly, if I now use the 890 as a tuner the reception is prefect - crystal clear! (890 to TV is SCART).

    I noticed that, on the same channel, there's a small delay (about 0.5-1 second) between what the TV is recieving and what's coming out of the 890 tuner. So, even in tuner mode the 890 is doing an MPEG-2 conversion and then back again before outputting RGB on the SCART. I would have thought this would degrade the signal, not dramatically improve it!

    Either the tuner on the 890 is a hell of a lot better than the one on my TV (oldish 28" Sony Trinitron Nicam) or the analog-digital-analog conversion is somehow getting rid of all the noise and other crap on the signal - how can that be??

    Anyway - I'm well pleased with the results.


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