DVDPacific - what's the deal with delivery?


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I ordered 2 DVD's at the beginning of the month. 1 of them was disptached on 9th and 1 on 10th. The one dispatched on the 9th has arrived(it arrived around 16th), but the one dispatched on 10th has not.

I mailed them about this - but their answer was ambiguous. I expected them to replace the disc if it didn't turn up,but I am not sure about it anymore.

What are people's experience with them regarding this? Should I give up hope,or might it still turn up? Customs shouldn't be a problem as it is worth about £5-6.


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captaineyecatch,if you don't like my questions, then don't answer.
I have every right to post, just like you did.
If a moderator thinks it's not ideally laced, he will move it.You are not a moderator (and with your tolerance level, thank god for that!), so keep to your duties.

So to everyone else,any opinions?The reason I am concerned is because one disc turned up and the other didn't.Hope you guys know what I mean.

Moderators,please move this if you think it's apt.

227 BHA

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Wow, that's a bit OTT!

The guy only pointed out that this is actually the "Bargains and Special Offers" forum and this post is in the wrong place!

And then he still managed to post some info that may help :eek:


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He was questioning everything I did - every paragraph ended with nastiness.
I don't understand people replying like that - don't answer if you don't want to. I was not asking him in person,was I?
I hate people who take it out on people seeking help.

Greg Hook

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Hey bbanduser I don't think Captaineyecatch reply to your post warranted that kind of response from you.

He was only being helpful to you and stating several points which I would have mentioned anyway.

Firstly this is the DVD special offers forum, where members are invited to post about DVD bargains and special offers that they find.

Secondly I would have moved this thread to the appropriate forum, which in this case would be the DVD talk forum, but there is already a thread on this very subject there: http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=123629

You will find members very, very helpful on this forum but if you post replies as you have done, you will not get many replies.



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Greg, I admit this is in the wrong forum, and have no problem with it being moved or being told that there is a thread in another forum already.
'why are you complaining as you still have a number of days to go before the 20 days is up ?'
What was the need for the above line? I was not complaining, I was asking whether anyone has had this situation. There were no such answers in that other thread,so why did
Captaineyecatch have to say that?
And again he said 'you are willing to send companys, your money but you dont read there shipping info and T+C's'.
I was again not asking people to discipline me,just asking people's opinion on my situation. I should have looked at the other thread, but my failure to do so does not give someone to try to act as if I am in a situation where they can say things like that.
Like I said, I hate people who take it out on those vulnerable or seeking help.

I am not a newcomer here and know how wonderful people are on these forums. Can't say the same about captaineyecatch's response though.

You can take whatever side you want, but that's my view anyway.


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woah everyone needs to just chill out and smoke some weed or something :smoke:


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Hi captaincatcheye, don't want hard feelings between me and you at all. It's just that I was feeling anxious about the non delivery and probably the timing was bad. I apologise as well for being a bit too harsh.

All's fine now!! :)

Greg Hook

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so we are all happy then. :)

bbanduser, I will close this thread if you don't mind, but please do look at the thread over on the DVD talk forum.



i purchased a few dvd's from dvdpacific to u.k.

delivery took about a week.

total was more than £18 but only because of delivery charge, so items were less than £18.

also what i found odd was there was no invoice inside, am i supposed to get one ?


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I've never got an invoice in any I've ordered & in my experience the larger the package, the longer it takes to get here.

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