DVDO VP50 and HDMI audio.... No Speech!


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Hi all - first post on here, and am hoping you all can shed some light on an issue i am having with a system.

I have 4 sources plugged into the DVDO VP50 via HDMI - Samsung (old) US bluray player, Pioneer UK LX70A BD, Cambs. Audio DVD player & apple TV. The video goes straight off to the projector via HDMI, but due to the AV processor used (TAG Mclaren AV32R, with no HDMI), the audio comes out of the scaler on Toslink into the TAG. All 3 disc transports are passing audio out of the HDMI (as is the ATV) to the DVDO, and the TAG is receiving the digital audio ok. 5.1appears in th cinema. good. but....

here's where the fun starts!

The pioneer is as slow as you like, so i was asked to swap it for a Sony (as they seem to be the fastest and best at reading discs - discuss...).

So, i swapped the Pioneer for the Sony BDP-s360 and all seemed fine, until i ran Terminator Salvation (which only appears to offer a DTS-HD audio track).
There was sound coming from all speakers, BUT NO SPEECH!!!

Obviously, i know the Tag cant decode DTS-HD 96/24, but my question is this:

1, Is the DVDO scaler passing the audio through as it arrives, or is it processing it in some way?

and if so, how come the pioneer could get all the sound right, but the sony can't? I have my theories but would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Thanks guys!


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Have you setup the Sony correctly so that it isn't sending HD audio somehow or another? Personally since you are using the Tag I would want the sources all connected directly to the Tag using coax digital connections. HDMI is not as good for SD audio as SPDIF is, and it means you won't get switching delays or the risk of sending the wrong audio type like you can when using HDMI into a VP and SD audio out of it.

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