dvdo vp30 worth the extra over iscan hd+?


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anyone with experience of these two scalers? do they use the same prossesor, and if there is a upgrade on vp30 (a new improved chip) would this also apply to hd+, only want to scale pvr and dvd


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The benefits of the VP30 over the HD+ are:

Four digital video inputs instead of two
HD capable component inputs instead of just SD
Top quality wideband BNC RGBHV analogue video outputs
10 bit video processing chain instead of 8 bit
Upgrade ability to new ABT SD de-interlacer
And a few others, like input configs

The VP30 is more expensive, and probably not worth it on PQ alone - you will have to decide whether the improved interfaces are worth it to you. However, the informally announced processor upgrade for the VP30 ONLY is likely to sway things.

I should hang fire for a few weeks until we can see what the new processor will really deliver.


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