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DVDO Iscan HD+ & 1080p into Pearl


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I spent yesterday removing a 6 year old CRT projector and replacing it with a Sony Pearl (I have relinquished my membership to the Flat Earth Society). Today is to be the routing of the various cables from the equipment to the projector.

However yesterday I thought that I had better test that everything was OK and strung the various cables (including a 10m HDMI cable) across the room. I changed the HD+ to digital and 1080p and played a DVD and then turned Sky on. I got a picture from both and put everything to bed ready for today.

Unfortunately I couldn't resist watching a bit of TV last night and settled down to watching some SKY+ pre-recorded items. This was when I noticed a bit of a judder on pans and a strange effect on credits when moving across the screen where the words were indistinct as they seemed to be made up of a series of horizontal lines rather than being solid. Previous experience said that I had the wrong frequency.

The projector said that it was getting 1080p60 and so I went into the HD+ and found that it was outputting 1080p50 but it was unlocked and the frequency was 59.94hz. I tried to change it to 50hz locked but ended up with a BSOD and an error message on the HD+.

As I am in new (digital) territory here, I'd appreciate some help and an explanation as to the scaler's behavior and what I should do next.

The scaler does have the latest 2.91 software release but this was only done as a prelude to the projector replacement.



I had problems similar to yours until I started using the auto profile trick (thanks Ofer). If you don't know it, here is how it works:

if you want 1080p (identical timing), you only need to change over the FRC 50HZ to 50HZ locked, and 60HZ to 60HZ locked and you're done.

If the timing is different (it usually is), the steps are:
1. You create a display profile for 50Hz with 50HZ locked and save to profile 2
2. You create a display profile for 60Hz with 60HZ locked and save to profile 1.
3. You set display profile to "automatic"
4. You switch to a particular input (SDI)
5. You put on an NTSC disk.
6. You manually switch over to profile 1
7. You put on a PAL disk
8. You manually switch over to profile 2.

Now, FOR THAT INPUT, it will autosense PAL vs. NTSC and will switch between profile 1 and 2 as necessary.

Note that you have to repeat steps 5-8 for each input you have that's capable of both formats.

it's not exactly intuitive and it's definitely not written in the manual, which is why I posted this message...

I was sure, for the longest time, that this feature was not present - I just didn't realize that each input had the capability to switch display profile settings based on input format type.



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Perfect, though I did try to mess it up by attempting to allocate two 50hz profiles in the same iteration.

Once I'd seen sense and reverted back to your instructions, it only took a couple of minutes.

As for the manual, this is covered to some extent in the 2.91 software update addendum to the product guide. However I'm fairly useless at understanding manuals without a bit of hands-on. It all makes sense now.

I'm still surprised though at the lack of other responses: this is after all an internet forum. I expected the usual responses of:

- You're an imbecile, get a professional in.
- You should have bought a Lumagen or Crystalio.
- You should have waited for the Radiance or JVC HD1.

Many many thanks.

Have a Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays/Winterval (delete as necessary)



Hi John,
Glad to hear you got it working.
BTW, how does the iScan fare with the Pearl? Meaning how does it compare to plugin straight into it? do you get a sharper image with SD?

Happy Xmas to you too.



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You should have bought a Lumagen or Crystalio.
lol ive never heard that on these forums :rotfl:


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I originally bought the HD+ nearly two years ago for use with the CRT so it never occurred to me to try the Pearl without it, I'm afraid.

I'm currently trawling through the various tweak threads on AVS to try and understand what can be tweaked (and why) and I'm trying to hold off forming an opinion as to how good the Pearl is until I've done those tweaks. It took me a long while (and a session with Chris Frost) to fully understand how to do the deflection and convergence on the CRT and get it right. But once it was done, even at its ripe old age, it could be stunning. I'm expecting to have to spend a similar amount of time and effort to get the Pearl right.

The CRT is a Seleco 450 Plus and it's sitting in its box in my cinema room probably feeling very unloved.


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