DVDO duo - SNES no audio - help!


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Hello fine folks!

I'm having trouble getting audio from my Super Nintendo, I successfully have video though.

I have a Super Nintendo connected into my dvdo iscan duo through composite video input, and stereo audio input (just so it's very clear, I don't make a fool of myself, these are the yellow white red RCA cables).

I have an HDMI to DVI cable. I plug the HDMI end into DVDO HDMI OUTPUT 1, and the DVI into the DVI input on my monitor.

I plug an HDMI cable into the HDMI AUDIO port on the DVDO DUO, and plug the other end into my Sony HT-XT1 Soundbar HDMI INPUT 1.

I push power, and I only see video. No audio. I have also tried plugging in a hdmi cable into the DVDO HDMI OUTPUT 1 and into the soundbar hdmi input. No audio.

I've verified that the soundbar's audio works by connecting an HDMI cable to the soundbar and to my computer.

I must be missing something fairly important with how the analog audio is getting transmitted. The DVDO DUO converts all the video signals into HDMI outputs, and HDMI also carries an audio signal. I do not know how to connect the DVDO properly so that I can output audio.

I hope someone can help clear this up for me. It's probably a pretty basic problem.

Thanks for reading!


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DVI cable does not carry audio only picture, so you need a seperate cable for audio.


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The problem was not the DVI cable. The problem was that the DVDO by default looks at coaxial input for audio input of composite devices.

I was able to change that input to video 2 from the menu settings.

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