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Pre edited firmware for Samsung DVD HD870 xaa and xeg models. I know someone somewhere is still looking for these so I tried to revieve an old thread with no success. For other region they will need to be edited to work. Below the links are instructions on what to do if these dont pertain to your region model.

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1) Get the firmware "downgrade".
Link to this page:
Click on the "tutaj" link at the bottom and download a file called "DVD_HD870_upgrade.zip".
This contains an ISO file "Samsung_DVD-HD870_DivX_Firmware_Upgrade_Disc_Image.iso" which contains firmware version:
2) Extract the firmware.
The downloaded file is an iso disk image format. Easy CD creator opens it by double clicking on it, and offers to burn a CD. Other CD bruning software could probably do the same. Burn the CD, then load it in your PC and copy the CD files to your hard disk. The files are:
- BUILD.IMG (the firmware binary)
- UPDATE.VER (a text file containing build.img which will start the update)
- __dummy.zzz (a file that will cause the update process not to work, discard it)
3) Edit the BUILD.IMG file.
You cannot use this file directly to update your DVD, because this update is for an XEG model. XAA models will only accept XAA firmware upgrades. You need to edit the original BUILD.IMG so it will load in an region 1 reader.
This is how to do it:
Open the BUILD.IMG file with an Hex editor (I used XVI32 found here:
http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delph...2.htm#download )
Scroll to the VERY END of the very long file. Look at the right part of the window. The last line starts with XEG. You need to replace these letters with XAA. Just type XAA right over it. Save the modified file under the same name.
4) Burn an update CD.
Burn the modified BUILD.IMG and the original UPDATE.VER into a CD-R with these options:
- Disk at Once
- x4 write speed (or the lowest you can)
5) Update the firmware.
Insert the disc into the DVD. A screen should come up saying:
"Drive Update" and showing the old and new firmware. In my case the old firware was 030807.03.87 HXEXAA. Thanks to our edit, the new firmware name now reads:
030907.03.87 HXEXAA.
Press "Total".
Now be VERY patient, don't do ANYTHING until the player turns off. The firware will load. Long wait. The disc tray will open. DON'T TAKE THE DISC, DON'T TURN ANYTHING OFF. Long wait. The disc tray finally closes. STILL DON'T TURN ANYTHING OFF. Even longer wait. The player finally turns off.
6) Turn it back on.
The player now thinks it is from Europe. It will reboot in Region 2 mode, and with all default setting. Press on the video button several times if you lost your picture setting. Try it with a region 2 disc, it should work. If you try a region 1, it will now say "can't be played, check region
disc region code". Not quite yet a polyglot.
7) Change the region code.
- Empty disc tray and close it, it will say "no disc"
- press "repeat" button. "no disc" disappears. Ah. Finally.
- press 57538 twice, current region code (2) is visible in left corner
- press 9 for code free. 9 appears in left corner.
- turn the DVD off.

Region code free;

* turn on dvd player
* make sure there's no dvd in closed tray
* press 'repeat' button
* 'no disc' disappears in left corner
* press 29334 if you have a R1 player
57538 if you have a R2 player
56732 if you have a R3 player
76884 if you have a R4 player
53814 if you have a R5 player
24462 if you have a R6 player
* current region code is visible in left corner
* press 9 for code free
* press 'Standby'
* enjoy!!
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