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Andris L

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I know that many of you know what dvdcompare.net is but for those who doesn't:


In the late 1990s, DVD was taking off in a big way and most homes now have at least one DVD player. As DVD grew in popularity, consumers in the UK were regularly left disappointed that people in the USA were getting films released on DVD earlier (normally at the same time as they came out at the cinema over here) plus the discs themselves were usually better than their UK counterparts often with more extra features included. So that is where Rewind came to fruition.

Rewind was launched in November 1999 and has grown steadily over the years. The concept of the site was simple: to allow for people to search for a film and to see which DVD region had the best version. For the first time, people could instantly search across thousands of titles and compare the picture/sound quality and extra features across all available versions whether they were for Region 1 (America/Canada), Region 2 (Europe) or Region 4 (Australia/New Zealand) and the site now includes all regions.

For the first 2 years, the site was run by just one individual but there is now a full team working behind the scenes ensuring the site remains the best of its kind. Rewind has come from nothing to being one of the most successful and well known DVD sites around. Rewind regularly receives comments and praise from DVD enthusiasts and the DVD press. This site was the first to have a full R1 vs R2 Comparison Database which later expanded to cover all regions due to the overwhelming success of the original database. Rewind is now home to the largest and most accurate Multi-Region Comparison Database anywhere on the Internet.

With the advent of high definition technology, Rewind hasn't stood still and has embraced this new evolution in home viewing and now incorporates a separate Blu-Ray database. We even have a section dedicated to the now defunct HD-DVD platform too.

Buying DVDs/Blu-Rays is an expensive hobby. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. If you have a multi-region or region free DVD player, check Rewind before you make a DVD purchases. By checking Rewind regularly you can receive guidance on helping you buy the best possible version of your chosen title. Don't forget to read the Rewind Disclaimer before you use the site.

From this site, you can access the normal comparisons but we also offer you a spreadsheet version of the database which you can print out or download to many mobile technologies for use on the move AND a community forum area where Rewind visitors can request comparisons and let us know of a correction. ONLY Rewind offers all of this and we offer it ALL for FREE! As we do offer this for nothing, please help support the site and when you come to buy your products use the links to retailers found around this site directly.

In addition to our renowned comparison database, we also have hundreds of full reviews of films, TV programmes and music discs with new titles being added every week.

It's easy to sign up and doesn't take that much to contribute by providing details of releases you own but not on the database as yet.

Please help others to get best out of their movies. :smashin:

Thank you!


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Site appears to be down.

Which is a shame.


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Apparently they've exceeded their bandwidth for the month, or so I read elsewhere.


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Hmm, now saying the domain has expired. Seems odd.

I only found out it was down because I had used them a few days earlier to look up the movies in the Stallone BD boxed set, and I went back to make a correction to Cobra's running time.


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Back up now, but it looks like they have cleared out the forum user database at some point in the past as it doesn't recognise my username/pass or email (for password recovery). Looks like you no longer need to post corrections in the forums though.

Paul Moran

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It's been possible for some time to post corrections using the Feedback Form link in the actual comparison. I've used it several times myself for minor corrections, although TBH, I wouldn't use it for anything complicated.


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That's what I did. I assume my forum name is long gone.

Andris L

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Back up now, but it looks like they have cleared out the forum user database at some point in the past as it doesn't recognise my username/pass or email (for password recovery).

That's what they do, if you been inactive for a longer period they will remove you from they system and you'll have to re-register to get back on.

P.S. Great to see them back.

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