Dvdautorefresh,girder,ffdshow and Pal and Ntsc switching


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Oct 20, 2002
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I am new to girder and dvdautorefresh so I am hoping someone out there can help me. I am running Theatertek with ffdshow and I would like to be able to change the HardCodeForPal setting when watching Pal and Ntsc dvds automatically using girder. I have read another post about this same thing on the TT forms and have followed their advice but I still have the problem of that it will work with Pal and not Ntsc and sometims the other way around but not both together. Heres what I have done so far as was in the TT post. In dvdautorefresh command lines I have put the following
"C:\Program Files\girder\Girder.exe" -eventstring NTSC" for Ntsc discs
"C:\Program Files\girder\Girder.exe" -eventstring PAL" for Pal discs
In girder I have I set up 2 multigroups, one for Pal and one for Ntsc. In the Pal group I made an eventstring and called it Pal and did the the same in the Ntsc group with the eventstring called Ntsc. I have downloaded the Regsetvalue plugin and changed the hardcore settings to 1 for Pal and 0 for Ntsc. Now do I learn the eventstring for Pal and Ntsc on the same button as I use to launch TT and in dvdautorefresh do I check the Set refresh rate only if the inserted dvd disc system type is different from the last time.
Any help woulld be great.

Thank you for looking:(
Hi Trojan,
What you've done looks ok to me from a DVDautorefrsh calling girder perspective.

Although I wrote DVDautorefresh, I've never bothered with ffdshow after an initial test of it for this exact reason. That doesn't mean it's not possible though, as I've read people on the TheaterTek forum report they have it working.

a) Have you tried adding a girder SimpleOSD to the girder NTSC and PAL groups to see if DVDautorefresh is detecting the disc and kicking girder correctly?

b) If so, I think there may also now be a /forcepal command line parameter for TheaterTek now, this might do the registry stuff needed automatically?

c) Are using real round DVD's, not something ripped to the hard drive? DVDautorefresh does not currently notice the virtual substituted drives TheaterTek creates when playing off the hard disc under Windows XP. I may add an enhancement to fix this sometime if there's demand.

On a related, but separated note, I now run TheaterTek with auto-play and play-on insert in it's configuration settings off, but overide the setting with the command line parameters available.
my remote control buttons have girder call TheaterTek with /AP 3 causing it to play when started by remote or when the machine starts.

This way I use a remote button to swap between TheaterTek and X-card/holo3d players. Because auto-insert is off in both TheaterTek and x-card xmp I never get a player open up automatically, which can be a pain if I've already got the other open.

This way I just insert a DVD to play, as TheaterTek is usually running because it was opened /AP 3 on startup via the Girder OnGirderStart event.

I then have a single remote button that shuts x-card XMP/holo3d and opens TheaterTek or vice-verci.

I also have a button that shuts the DVD players and opens foobar2000 to play music.


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