DVD79 Query!


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I turned on my DVD player last night & got the message PS OUTPUT on the display on the front of the player , the drawer kept opening & closing ,this went on until I switched it off from the mains ,after that it worked perfectly , what is PS OUTPUT? I could not find a reference to it in the manual !
Anyone know why this happened ? Thanks in Advance .......Jim


Hi Jim,

PS Output is progressive output. This is an option you can turn on/off in the Arcam set-up menus. Doesn't sound too good opening/closing the drawer, hopefully this will be a one-off ocurrance.




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PS Output means it is set to output Progressive Scan. If your televieion does not acept progressive scan pictures then you shouod turn this off. If you are having difficulty then you can reset the players video setting by pressing and holding the 'stop' button on the front panel for about 5 seconds.


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Thanks for the replys ,I should have known that ,anyway i have had this DVD79 for about 8months now with no problems whatsoever until this problem ,it seems to be alright now ,should I take it into my local dealer to get the latest firmware update ?.....Jim


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or ring arcam for it, they will send it through the post, took 2 days to recieve mine

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