DVD without needing AV amp?



Does anyone know any DVD players that do not require further amplification in order to achieve 5.1 (or 7.1) surround sound. Someone has offered me complete set of Mission Cinema 7 speakers and I'm reluctant to buy a "receiver" to drive these. thanks


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To get 5.1 and up , you need an amp , it cant be done without one , thats not possible.

Now there are DVD players out there with an amp built in , if thats what you want , but either way , there has to be an amp in the setup somewhere.

These DVD/amp combo's tend to come with their own speakers though , and it will be hard to get one without the speakers as they are a fixed package.

Also, missions are usually a cut above these combo packages , and really , you want a decent enough amp to get the best out of the missions.
The DVD/amp combo packages are entry level , beginners only set ups for very tight budgets , they will not do the missions justice in any way whatsoever.


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Mission Cinema 7 speakers and I'm reluctant to buy a "receiver" to drive these. thanks

If you don't the speakers will just sit there. You need a av amp- or a DVD/av amp combo.


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There are some decent boxes out there which have amplification and DVD player in the same box, but they're pretty high end affairs, things like the NAD Visio 5 (£799), Linn Classik Movie (£1600), Arcam Solo Movie (£2000), Naim N-Vi (£3000). All of these are 5.1 rather than 7.1.

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