DVD Video noise ?? Power Supply Problem ??


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Hi All,

It's something that has been bugging me for ages now.

When playing DVD's via my 105sz or 120s Pioneer slot loading DVD drives, the video picture is grainy or noisy ??

I though it could be a power supply problem ??

Well i did try a test to play a chapter off a DVD, and then stream the same chapter to the HD via DVD-Shrink v3.1.

The noise has vanished ??

What could this be ?? It's not the DVD disc, as i tried T3 and that has a crackin' picture. Also tried a few other quality DVD's and they are the same ??

If it is the power supply i might look into getting another PSU.

I was also thinking of getting TheatreTek as my main DVD player ?? (Can it play DVD files off the HD ??)



HTPC Spec:

Gigabyte GA6-IEML Mainboard
PIII 1ghz Processor
512mb 133mhz SDRAM
ATI Built Radeon 9500 128mb Non Pro
10.2gig & 80gig WD HD's
Pioneer 105sz & 120s Slot loading DVD Drives
Zoom Player with WinDVD (Video) & PowerDVD (Audio) codecs


Unlikely it's a PSU/drive problem. Enable hardware acceleration & try a calibration with Avia etc. Probably gamma set too high.


Nic Rhodes

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Grainy / noise I would look to PS, HCPC PS vary greatly and the first one I bought was acoustically quiet and electrically noisely and I saw this sort of stuff.


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Cheers for the help Guys.

Well i borrowed & tried another PC power supply, and that worked ok.

I guess it might have been the power supply as it was noisy (electrically) and did interfere with the TV when i had it switched on. Plus the fact it's getting on for about 5 years old now.

So i've ordered a new Q-Tec 350w PSU from Quiet-PC, and see how i get on with that ??

Hopefully then my HTPC will be quiet, and hopefully no electrical noise in the video section ??

Still gotta sort out the spindle noise from my WD HD's as that is the only noise that you can hear from the box.

One other thing is i've still gotta sort out the settings in Zoom Player, but i'll have a look at the gamma settings as well.




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Well i've now got the Q-Technology PSU now, wow what a beast.....generous length of power cable. Very quiet, shame about my noisy WD drives !! :mad:

x8 HD, x4 floppy, x2 SATA connectors.....so should be enough for now & future connections.

Still hasn't solved my noise problem, but then i think i've traced it down to the Pioneer 105sz drive.

I think i'll have to flash the 120s drive, as it doesn't like a lot of DVD's.....just plays with a black screen & sound ?? Plays every other media ok, no problem ??



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