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    After a long battle, I finally got rid of my SAMSUNG SVDVD1E from Curry's when they finally admitted it couldn;t be fixed. I have been given a voucher for a replacement that I must redeem within the next 3 months.

    I'm eager to find a replacement (please don;t recommend me to buy sepearte players, I alreayd have that, this machine is for the office.)

    I'm looking for a player that's multi-regional/crackable, PAL-60/Quasi-PAL compatible, can play PCM audio and DTS. Ideally it'll have nice smooth menu access (Samsung Combo machines are slow and plodding) and (I'm probably pushing it here) DIVX, although these two requests aren't essential.

    And Dixons or Currys must stock it.

    I'm open to the new Samsung models, provided they don;t have the same problems as my original (flickering black levels, top-of-screen-distortion on Quasi-PAL).

    If anybody can recommend me a good machine that fits my needs, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks!

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