DVD upscaling + DivX player ?


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I'll probably get me a Tosh 42wl66 LCD and want some decent upscaling payer capable also playing back divx content. Do those exist ?

Not interested in hi-end players. Too expensive after splashing out so much wonga for a 42" :D


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THESE are very highly regarded.......and very reasonably priced.:smashin:


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Checked out the specs (@sony web) and it doesnt seem this player has divx playback capabilities ???

I specifically looking for upscaling+divx...


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I can only say that the Sony DVD player is far better than the Sony website as it most certainly DOES play DivX.:eek:

I was watching some last Sunday:cool:


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Multi Region Stylish DVD Player with HDMI Output and Multi Format Playback Capability
HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface
High Resolution Video Output - 780p/1080i Up-convert
Precision Drive 3 Mechanism for fast, stable and accurate playback
Playback of DVD-R/RW ( VR and Video Mode ) and DVD+R/+RW
Playback of CD-JPEG, CD-R/RW/ data CD (MP3) & SVCD ( Simple Playback )
Playback of DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW and CD-R/RW with DivX
Precision Cinema Progressive (PCP)
Progressive Scan Output
12 bit/108 MHz Noise Shaped Video D/A Converter
Component Video Outputs
Optical and Coaxial Digital Output
Attractive Aluminium-type Front Panel


Pioneer 696, check out the very long thread on here. Upscaling is good, divx / xvid is very good and its not fussy like some brands about discs.

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