DVD Upgrade-Denon 1930 a winner?


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Hello to all!:hiya: ,
Im new to this forum, and home cinema in general, and could use some of your experienced advice.
My home cinema set-up includes the following equipment:
Samsung LE40R7, Pioneer DV-370, Denon AVR 1804, Mission M-30 sats and Mission MS8 sub.
I want to upgrade the Dvd player, which ive had for 3 years, and was looking to spend around the £300 mark. The player looked great on my old Panasonic 28" CRT, connected via RGB scart, but looks quite grainy via the same connection on the Samsung(the Pioneer has no component or HDMI outputs).
Im interested in getting the Denon 1930 player, as ive heard good things about it, but before i spend my cash, would i notice an improvement in the picture over the DV370? Is this player the most suitable for my kit? And, does anyone know if my Samsungs upscaler makes getting a player with upscaling abilities redundant?
Cheers for any advice


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Why a Denon when you can have this http://www.theatlanticshop.co.uk/CatalogManagement/ProductDetails.aspx?productCode=44931395(Base). Is it really worth spending so much money on a up-scaling DVD player, no matter how good it is.

Just a simple question, your existing DVD player maybe connected via a RGB cable but is it set in the Menu to RGB and 16:9, so many people fall foul of this.

Also from my experience (with Toshiba & Philips) the LCD's up-scaling is good but not that good and a dedicated up-scaling DVD player is much better.


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Checked player menu and yes, it is set to RGB and 16:3! Just think that maybe the player is a little dated, and its worthwhile updating. Will probably commit to either HD-DVD or Blu-ray(when theres a clear winner), in 3-5 years, but for now would like a SD player up to £300, espacially as i have 700+ dvds(SD). Cheers for your advice, anyone else care to give any?


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i've got the 1930 and i'm very impressed with the picture quality over my old £100 jobby :thumbsup: Even my wife has commented on how much the picture quality has improved. Don't have a HD set so i'm just using it through component


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Just noticed that my player HAS got component outputs! Even so, would using these outputs to connect to the screen really make that much of a difference to the pic quality to warrant not getting the 1930?

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