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    Sep 21, 2004
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    my dvd player (SONY DVP-S725D) has after 1700 viewing hours become unreliable...random freezes and the old C:13:00...i have accessed the service menu and recalibrated the laser but still unreliable....at least i have the PS2 to spin the discs on!

    I am looking for a quality dvd player with component out with excellent picture and audio quality....DVI and progressive are not essential at the moment but would be good because I would like to add a projector later (perhaps a PT-AE500)....my budget is approx £400...same price as the sony cost a few years ago (it was the 5 star performer of its day)....

    current thoughts are
    denon dvd-1910 if i am being careful or SONY DVP-NS930V
    denon dvd-2200 if i stop her buying clothes for a while :suicide:

    what would you advise?

    the rest of my system is

    Loewe Vitros 32" component scart for dvd in
    rgb scart for sky in
    Grundig Sky digibox
    Sony DVP-s725D dvd
    selection of mid range speaker scart and connect cables
    QED, Profigold and IXOS
    B+W 602S3 fronts
    B+W CC3 centre
    B+W DM560 rears

    cheers :)

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