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DVD-TV connection - this should be a piece of cake!


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My employer has just awarded me a Samsung 650 LCD TV and a JVC DVD home cinema system, and despite having done this many times in the past, I am having trouble connecting everything together, with the result that:

(1) The DVD will not send sound to the TV (no problem with picture, just sound). This is no big deal as I'd rather use the external surround sound anyway.

(2) The TV will not send sound to the DVD/external speakers (even when selecting "external speaker"), so we're stuck with the tinny sound from the internal speaker.

I've tried a SCART, fibre-optic, and component video methods of hooking it up all with the same result. It's impossible to put these in the wrong holes, so I don't see what I can be doing wrong.

Any thoughts? Could there be something wrong with either the TV or DVD?

Because I got this through an awards company, I can't exactly "refer to my retailer" or take it back.


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It may sound a bit obvious but, have you read the manuals?

To get sound from the DVD system to the TV along with video, you'll need component cables for the video and another pair of phono cables for the sound.
Or, a scart cable will do both audio and video but, the picture won't be as good as when using the component cables.

The TV will have a pair of audio out phono sockets and an optical out. One of these should go to the appropriate input on the JVC DVD system. This will give you the TV sound out of the DVD system.



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Thanks, youngsyp, but actually it was even more basic than that.

I 'd connected everything just fine, but in a senior moment I had failed to notice the "function" button on the DVD remote :rolleyes:, and using this to select "TV audio" sends the TV sound through the DVD speakers.

Manuals? Are they those silly books that explain everything you already know, but fail to mention the things you don't? They're for girls, aren't they?

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