DVD to WMV for streaming to 360


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I after the easiest way to rip dvd's to wmv for streaming to the xbox 360 via mce 2005 and preferably keeping the DD5.1 audio.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated :)



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Frosty Predator said:
Why don't you just pop the dvd into the xbox 360 and press play.:thumbsup:

Because i'd like the convienence of storing my dvd collection on my pc :) and more to the point ....browse my collection from the comfort of the couch :)

Anyway most rippers will do divx and xvid which are unsupported by the 360 hence the reason for WMV.



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peter_betts said:
If I were you, I'd rip them into Divx/Xvid and use Transocde 360


It works suprisingly well, though you can't FF or RW but you can pause.

I would imagine that he final results would fall short of the desired quality.

Assuming you've already ripped your DVD movie to hard drive then you just need a vob to wmv converter program.

I'll give it a good search.

EDIT: have you checked out


I think you'll need to convert vob -> mpeg. And then mpeg -> wmv


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On the other hand. Just convert vob to mpeg and your done. Actually, it would be some soft of transcode because Vob is already mpeg so the conversion should be relatively fast. Although you won't save a lot of space.

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